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About Marie
About Marie

My experience

I have been gardening or involved with gardens for over twenty five years and am currently studying for the RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth, Propagation and Development.

I run a 'Golden Time Garden Club' at a local primary school and run a very popular gardening page on Facebook called Sow and Hoe. In addition to this I manufacture AcryliCloche® garden cloches which are available via

In my own garden I have established native hedging and shrub borders.

Four large raised beds where I grow vegetables with increasing emphasis on perennial vegetables and herbs. I have numerous fruit trees, a grape vine, asparagus and strawberry beds.

My planting schemes for the flower beds have a solid structure of shrubs, grasses and bulbs for all year round interest, intermingled with perennial planting for lovely flower displays. I hardly ever get the time to water or weed my own garden and use mulch to supress the weeds and retain moisture.

I have maintained an allotment plot for the last ten years and understand fully the challenges faced.

My garden is within the New Forest and visited on a regular basis by rabbits, deer, small children, chickens (some of them ours), snakes, rats, foxes, pigeons, mice, squirrels, slugs, snails and a host of insects. Gardening within the unique landscape of the New Forest is always exciting and ultimately rewarding.
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