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Brockenhurst Primary. GTGC

Golden Time Garden Club (GTGC) KS1 Spring Term 1


School children making paper plant potsIt has been an absolute pleasure working with the children this half term for garden club.

We have looked at how plants grow – trailing plants, climbing plants, trees and shrubs.

We have looked for signs of early growth in the school gardens and found plants which are flowering and scented, even in January. We found plants which survive even when covered in droplets of frozen ice and wondered if we would grow covered in snow!

We have planted bulbs and identified which end will grow the plant and which end will grow the roots. We cut them up and looked inside. We talked about edible bulbs we might find in our kitchens (onions). The children were each given a daffodill bulb to take home and plant.

We have made paper plant pots with newspaper and sown broad bean seeds for the school vegetable plot which we hope to establish in the quadrant.

The children have written their own labels and taken broad bean seeds home to plant.

And finally a plant based treasure hunt in the school grounds.

This has been a thumb’s up, mud fun, useful garden club group and they have all deserved their garden club splodges and treats.  (‘Thumb’s up’ ‘Useful’ and ‘Splodges’ are all GTGC code words. ‘Mud fun’ just happens. )

Garden club children have worked fantastically well as a team, often in terrible weather and we hope to see them all again soon.

Mrs Waterhouse and Garden Club Nana.


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